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About Us

About Us

Penthouse is a real estate company dedicated to offering the best real estate buying and selling services in the Algarve, especially in the Barlavento region. Founded in 2022, Penthouse's vision is to be the most trusted and respected real estate agent in the region, becoming the first choice of clients looking to invest in real estate, as well as professionals looking to work in an innovative company committed to offering the best customer service.

Our team is formed by highly qualified and experienced professionals, who are dedicated to providing a personalized, efficient and safe service to meet the needs of our customers. We believe that the key to success is innovation, so we constantly invest in cutting-edge technology to ensure that the process of buying and selling real estate is as agile and secure as possible.

Our vision is that, in the near future, Penthouse will be the most well-known and respected real estate agent in the Windward, and that all those who wish to buy or sell real estate in the region will consult it as a first option. In addition, we want to be the best company to work for, where the most talented and committed professionals in the real estate market seek to be part of our team. We are committed to building a solid and lasting reputation in the market, based on the excellence of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

Penthouse's mission is to be a leader in the real estate market where it operates, maintaining this leadership in the long term, through the excellence of the services provided and customer satisfaction. 

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